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AGENDA 47 Print Resources

Tips for sharing AGENDA 47

  • Choose 2 or 3 issues that concern you.

  • Study how these issues relate to local problems.

  • Frame conversations around the local issues first.

  • Explain President Trump's solutions found in AGENDA 47.

  • Print materials you can distribute like these summaries/recap.

For instance, if homelessness troubles you and you live in Alameda County, with a little research you might say: “Homelessness in Alameda County is up 43%... And that was in 2019! It hasn’t gotten any better. What do you think is causing this terrible spike? What can be done about it? President Trump has specific solutions.” (See A47- Homelessness, Mental-Illness, Addiction, and Help for our Veterans.)

Another example: I live in the Sacramento area. Drugs and mental health issues are so great that UC Davis overhauled its treatment protocols to better address the problems. It’s scary! President Trump, like UC Davis, has spent time figuring out what contributes to drug addition so he could find solutions to this tragic situation. (See A47-Ending the Scourge of Drug Addiction in America.)

A47-15 Issues Single Page View 8_edited.

President Donald J. Trump and the First Lady displaying his signature after signing an executive order, strengthening the child welfare system for America’s children. 6/24/20. 

The above handout includes the 15 problems President Trump has identified that we need to fix to make America great again. His solutions are found in his Agenda 47. (You can print the 15 Issues and summaries of some of the solutions are below.)

Agenda 47       15 Issues

Solutions to Heal and 

Prosper Our Ailing Nation!

Ending Citizenship for Children of Illegals and Outlawing Birth Tourism (5/30/23)

Protecting Americans by Taking on Big Pharma and Ending Global Freeloading (6/23/23)

A New Quantum Leap to Revolutionize the American Standard of Living (3/3/23)

Ending the Nightmare of the Homeless, Drug Addicts, and Dangerously Deranged (8/24/23)

Protecting Students from the Radical Left and Marxist Maniacs Infecting Educational Institutions

Addressing Rise of Chronic Childhood Illnesses (6/6/23)

Ending the Scourge of Drug Addiction in America (6/6/23)

Rebuilding America’s Depleted Military (7/18/23)

Celebration Of 250 Years Of American Independence at the Iowa State Fairgrounds (5/31/23)

Pledge to Homeschooling Families (9/14/23)

Rescuing America’s Auto Industry from Joe Biden’s Disastrous Job-Killing Policies (7/20/23)

Cementing Fair and Reciprocal Trade with the Trump Reciprocal Trade Act (6/21/23)

President Trump Continues to Lead on Protecting Americans from Radical Leftist ESG Investments (2/25/23)

Death Penalty for Human Traffickers (7/21/23)

President Trump’s New Trade Plan to Protect American Workers (2/27/23)

Returning Production of Essential Medicines Back to America and Ending Biden’s Pharmaceutical Shortages (7/24/23)

Using Impoundment to Cut Waste, Stop Inflation, and Crush the Deep State (6/20/23)

Ending Biden’s War on the Suburbs That Pushes the American Dream Further From Reach (3/20/23)

President Trump on Making America Energy Independent Again (2/9/23)

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