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Knowledge is power. The more we learn, the stronger we become.

Trump | The Art of the Deal  by Donald J. Trump and Tony Schwartz was published in 1987. This book is an unguarded look at the mind of a brilliant entrepreneur and an unprecedented education in the practice of deal-making. It’s the most streetwise business book there is—and the ultimate read for anyone interested in achieving money and success and knowing the man behind the spotlight.

Inside Trump's White House | The Real Story of Donald J. Trump's Presidency  by Doug Wead was published in 2019. After dozens of books and articles by anonymous sources, here is finally a history of the Trump White House with the President and his staff talking openly on the record. [It]offers a sweeping, eloquent history of President Donald J. Trump’s first years in office, covering everything from election night to the news of today. The book includes never-before-reported stories and scoops, including how… he “never complains and never explains,…”  

Find a farmer's market near you! Set up a table. Print some handouts. Talk about AGENDA 47. Message MAGA.

The Trumps | Three Generations That Built An Empire  

by Gwenda Blair was published in 2000. Donald Trump, the canny deal maker, and crowd pleaser, (and now, a president of the United States), is the third generation of an entrepreneurial family whose turbulent history and extraordinary achievements reflect the transformation of America from a land of scrabbling immigrant survivors to our brand-name era. Donald's German immigrant grandfather Friedrich came to America with one suitcase and limitless faith in his gut instincts.

President Trump's 1776 Commision Report_

The 1776 Report "The declared purpose of the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission is to “enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the United States in 1776…. This requires a restoration of American education… And a rediscovery of our shared identity rooted in our founding principles…” At 45 pages this report is an excellent recap of essential truths about our history.

Attend city council, school board, and other government meetings. Speak on AGENDA 47 during Public Comments.

Farmers Markets Art_edited_edited_edited

California Farmers Markets by County

can be found on the California Department of Food and Agriculture's website. Take Donald Trump's message to where people gathers. Farmers Markets are great places to go and talk to others about Agenda 47. Set up your table and let the conversations begin! Visit California MAGA's print shop for materials to take with you.

List of markets as of July 2023

Updated lists can be found half-way down the page under: Certified Farmer's Market Locator

Elected Officials California Roster 2022-Cover.jpg

California Roster 2022  Produced annually, this Roster provides a comprehensive listing of contact information for California's government officials, as well as historical outlines of its constitutional offices and state emblems. It includes California's federal, state, and county government officials, judicial officials, incorporated city and town officials, and state agency information.

Current 2022 Roster

Archived Rosters


Presidential Records, the official files that make up a Presidential administration's website are preserved in our Executive Office of the President Electronic Records Archive.

Trump Administration Accomplishments

The archive is organized in the following categories Economy, National Security, Budget, Immigration, and Energy.

The Federal Register-Presidential Documents

Visit the Federal Register to find Executive Orders, Proclamations, and other documents President Trump signed.

Archived Presidential Websites

White House websites are Presidential records. The official files that make up a Presidential administration's website are preserved in our Executive Office of the President Electronic Records Archive. In order for the public to easily access the websites, the National Archives has taken an additional step to "freeze" the White House websites and make them available online. Because the archived websites are hosted by the National Archives and are historical material, they are no longer updated. Any broken links (internal or external) will not be updated. 

The archived websites are an excellent resource for photographs, speeches, press releases, digital data and other public domain records. And the best news is:


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